Car Window Tinting Types

Nowadays, people go for the window tinting on their car windows. This window tinting is very popular among the people of Manchester as it protects the car window from shattering and keeps the car interiors cool. These window tints are very cost effective and you can easily get them done from window tinting experts in Manchester. These professionals provide your car a new look and you can select among the various variety of window tinting materials.

Some popular types of window tinting:

Carbon tints – carbon tints do not fade away over time which is the main benefit of these window tints in your car. You get a high level of privacy in the tints as they have very less transparency level. This film does not block any radio waves,thus you can listen to music whenever you want.

Dyed tints – the dye is done between the protective layer at the top and the adhesive layer at the bottom. This is a very affordable window tinting that you can go for. The dyed window tinting can fade away over time if exposed to a lot of sunlight. These have no reflective properties.

Metalized tints – metalized window tinting gives you a mirror effect that looks great on the car. These metalized tints are a little bit on the expensive side and do not fade away with time. It blocks all the harmful UV rays and keeps your car’s interior new. It provides good protection to your car’s window.…