Tips To Fight COVID-19 Effectively

COVID-19 is currently circling humanity like a curse. A lot of people are getting infected with this virus and many have even lost their lives to the deadly disease. It is caused due to a type of virus and after it enters your body, it starts to attack the respiratory system. Most of the major cities around the world are going through Covid-19 decontamination and have locked themselves from inside.
Amidst such turmoil, as a good citizen, make sure that you follow the tips given below to
prevent you from getting infected.

  • Promote good hygiene – It is suggested to wash your hand with soap thoroughly so as to prevent the infection. The virus has an outer protective layer that is made of fat and soap can easily deteriorate through that layer, making the virus exposed and weak.
  • Practice social distancing – One of the most reliable ways to avoid getting affected by the virus is to practice proper social distancing for a few initial days. If the government in your country has issued a lockdown, try to follow it. If you feel any symptoms that resemble the disease, stay indoors to avoid spreading the disease and report to the local health center as quickly as possible.
  • Wear Masks – It has become necessary for people to wear masks so that airborne transmission can be avoided with ease. Make sure that you wear medically approved masks that can protect you from contracting this disease. The virus has an incubation period of 14 days and if you notice the symptoms like flue, sore throat, fever, issues with breathing etc. then make sure to get yourself tested.