Print Sale Of Educational Books Is Decreasing

In the recent years, hard book sale has seen a considerable decline. In the educational market also, printed books are not selling as much as they used to as now people prefer reading the e-books and online journals.

Here are some reasons for the fall of educational publishing.

Rent and resold facility

Globally, the usage of the internet has increased a lot over the past few years. Books are being rented and resold on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. As a result, previous editions of books are also available on the websites, so people buy and sell through these platforms. This results in the decrease in the selling of new books.

Quick availability and less cost

People are shifting from hardcopy to softcopy nowadays. E-books are available quickly nowadays. Many of the educational books which are costly can be found free of cost on the internet. Even the E-commerce websites are selling E-books at a much lower price than the hardcopy. Thus, students opt for the e-version of the book. The e-version is stored forever in the person’s ID.

Travel friendly

There are many people who love reading but gone are the days when they had to face hassle in carrying books with them during their trip. Withe-books, they can download them on their mobile and enjoy reading during the trip.

Built-in dictionary

The best thing about e-books is that they come with a built-in dictionary that allows you to know the meaning of a word by just tapping on it.

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